After my visit to IPHO from a recommendation of a fellow chef, my impression is that it’s not just food that you are going here for! With that being said, after going with my partner my thoughts are as follows – First thing is that this restaurant is very cozy, this for me is very positive since I love to feel involved when I am at eating out. I also happen to love that they make their own Viet coffee in iced or hot options for $4 (not very common at this price in Waterloo). Onto the food, I decided to go with their beef flank and meatball pho noodle soup (P6), served regular size ($11) broth is light and not very intense – delicious(this adds to the feeling of the restaurant) a good place to go to if you want to hang out with friends and spend a reasonable price on soup noodles.

I would recommend IPHO if you are in the university area and are looking to sit down with your friends in a cozy environment.

Honestly with many pho places to compete against prices are good in comparison to other restaurants in Waterloo.

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