About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Miles. Over the past 5 years, I have worked at restaurants across Canada and Europe allowing me to grow as a young chef. Currently specializing in pastry, learning and honing my craft from some of the best industry professionals in food and beverage. Along the way, I developed a fascination with how different demographics worldwide respond to varying levels of food, drink, fine dining and how restaurants look at how they market themselves to customers.

I had been asked by almost all of my friends and family, “Where do you recommend I go eat?” and “What are your favourite places to eat?”. These questions always stumped me… How can I recommend places to eat when everywhere I go is just comfort food for whatever mood I happen to be in? What if you don’t like what I like? I started to think about where I would go. I would initially think that it is too hard to recommend somewhere. Each place I have gone to has a completely different style of food from somewhere in the world, whether Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Canadian, Japanese or Caribbean. I noticed that there are so many places in the Waterloo region that offer world-class food in their respected cuisine.

These are the places I am going to recommend, comfort food. The places I go to when I ask myself and my friends, “Where do you want to eat?”.

Join my friends and me along the way, where I will showcase Restaurants, Grocery stores, Bubble Tea shops and some of the holes in the wall of the Waterloo Region.